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Jordan Thompson Author

Sofie's Aspen Guide Book Adventure
Having Fun With Outdoor Adventures


Jordan Thompson,

the author


Sofia's Aspen Guidebook Adventures-

Lives in Aspen, Colorado. Her love for the mountains and everything cold and snowy and of course skiing sets the surroundings for her new children's book collection. Although this is something she has entertained throughout- it's only been now that the time, space, and creativity in her busy life has provided her to do just that, write and illustrate!

Baby Sweets Aspen has been up and running and providing cute and adorable clothes for babies in the Rocky Mountains and all over and now we get to have fun and share our knowledge of the great outdoors!

We have so much fun here whether it is snowing or it's sunny- we are always out climbing and hiking, camping and skiing, and just having fun in all the adventurous ways we can!!

Hope you enjoy both!



Get ready for your adventures
with Sofie and Ranger Rodger and Trinkle! Lets go find some fun in the wild!!!

Real Life Sofie!!

sofies aspen guidebook adventure
Sofie's Aspen Guidebook Adventure
Ranger Rodger in Garden
Trinkle is always hiding from Sofie
The Camping Crew!
Sofie very own teepee with all her friends!
Oh No! Trinkle didn't read the trail signs!!!
Trinkle hiding from Sofie Again!
Trails signs!!!
You have to meet all of Sofie's Friends!
Sofie and her Guidebook
Fox with Balloons
Jordan Thompson
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