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A bit about

Sofie's Aspen Guidebook Adventure's

I have been an artist and designer and writer for my entire career... 

Living here in Aspen I am surrounded by nature & animals and my friends who pop in from all over the country.

I love to get my inspiration for my books in the everyday world, whether it's vintage & farm-inspired designs, adventures up in the mountains even our local markets and the colors in nature.

I also love to browse our local galleries and book stores, and talk with the artist~ I am and always will be inspired by great art and artist. I love art of all kinds! 

The simple textures in nature and even in everyday things~ such as gardening, yoga & meditation. All of them are passions of mine that inspire me every day and in all ways.

I have spent a lot of time creating and thinking about my books!  I decided to write my books basically to share our adventures and teach the children while they were having fun without them even knowing it! 

My belief is that Aspen is such a magical place and its filled with inspiration from every part of nature. From our forest to our mountains and our wildlife to the overabundance of the ski life and all the adventures here in this magical little town. I wanted to offer that to as many children as I can! If you are coming to Aspen for an adventure swing by our Explore Book Store- my books will be there soon!

To everyone that just visit and goes home I hope you take a little of us back with them!

I want you to experience Aspen whether you are here or away and I want you to leave with some of it in your soul, hopefully, Sofie's Aspen Guidebook Adventures can help you keep just a little of that magic that you can take back home with you.



Jordan Raabe-Thompson

sofies aspen guidebook adventure
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